St. Joseph Central Catholic High School Profile (2020-2021)

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School (SJHS) is a private secondary school, grades 9 – 12, offering an advanced college preparatory curriculum.  Located in the heart of downtown Huntington, West Virginia, SJHS is one of six high schools in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and is supported by the local Catholic parishes, family tuition, and third-source income.  SJHS is dedicated to serving a diverse student population and, as such, provides an environment that nurtures the whole person by integrating faith and life.  Consistent with our Catholic tradition, SJHS seeks to develop leaders who are rooted in Gospel values and committed to meeting the challenges of building a just society.  Approximately 57% of the students are Catholic.  Students attend from the Tri-State area (West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky) and from around the world. As a central Catholic high school, SJHS differs from the traditional parochial school model in that the school is not affiliated with one parish.  Instead, it serves students from all parishes within our Tri-State area.  We have two feeder middle schools in our Diocese – Our Lady of Fatima Parish School and St. Joseph Catholic School.

Accreditation and Memberships:

  • Cognia (AdvancEd) Accreditation
  • West Virginia Board of Education (Policy 2330)
  • National Catholic Education Association
  • West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission

Academic Year: 2 semesters; 180 school days per year; 90-minute classes (Monday-Thursday); 4 classes per day; 45-minute classes on Friday; 8 classes per day Faculty: 76% hold masters and doctorate level degrees; average teaching experience is 14 years; 85% are club sponsors and/or coaches, many in more than one capacity. The student-teacher ratio is approximately 10:1. Virtual Academic Learning Environment: In response to the global pandemic, St. Joseph Central Catholic High School offers students the option of a virtual or five-day in-person learning option.  In addition to this, the winter and spring months of the year bring school closings and make-up days that have proved disruptive to the school calendar and instructional programs for students. A remote learning option, quarantining periods, and unscheduled closing compromise the quality of the learning process that we carefully and deliberately plan and prepare for our students. To maintain consistency in our curriculum and eliminate the need to extend school into the summer or cancel holidays or programs that are currently scheduled, we have implemented the Virtual Academic Learning Environment program. A VALE day will count as a full school day, one of the 180 required by the State of West Virginia. 

Student Activities

Life at St. Joseph Central Catholic High School includes a variety of activities and service opportunities.  Participation in clubs, activities, and athletic teams is quite high, typically involving over 94% of the student body.


  • Boys’ and girls’ cross country, soccer, cheerleading, basketball, swimming, track, tennis, golf
  • Boys’ baseball
  • Girls’ volleyball and softball

Activities and Clubs:

  • Art Club
  • Bible Study Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Junior Honor Society
  • Kendama Club
  • Key Club
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • MU S.C.O.R.E.S.
  • Music Ministry
  • National English Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
  • Science National Honor Society
  • Right to Life
  • SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH)
  • Student Council
  • VEX Robotics

Service: 100%  of students are involved in volunteer service in our community.  Each year students contribute over 3,000 hours of service to the community outside of the school day.

Class Rank and GPAs: At St. Joseph Central Catholic High School all students follow a college preparatory curriculum.  All courses are included in the computation of the GPA.  Honors and Advanced Placement courses are weighted.   Placement in all courses is based on achievement, aptitude, and motivation.

Grading Scale:

  • A = 93 – 100
  • B = 85 – 92
  • C = 77 – 84
  • D = 69 – 76
  • F = below 69

Academic Assessment:

  • 100% of seniors continuing to a college/university take the SAT and/or ACT
  • 100% of sophomores and juniors take the PSAT
  • 100% of juniors participate in WV SAT school day
  • 100% of juniors take the ACRE test
  • 100% of freshmen and sophomores take NWEA Map Growth Assessment

Where Do Our Graduates Go? 33 graduates of the class of 2020 were offered over $3,200,000 in scholarship money.  They are attending: Duke University, Michigan State University, Ohio University, Marshall University, University of Charleston, Baylor, Pottershouse Academy, University of Dayton, Mississippi Valley State University, College of Charleston, Davis & Elkins, Brewster Academy, Tulane University, Mountwest Community & Technical College, West Virginia University, Xavier University, University of Kentucky, WV State University, Hood College, United State Navy. Senior Internships: All seniors go out on a two-week internship in two career fields of their choice.  During that time, they keep a journal documenting their week, along with photos.  Upon returning to school, students present a PowerPoint to the underclassmen detailing their experiences.  Internships often lead to summer jobs, excellent recommendation letters, and useful advice about their futures.

Dual Credit Courses – Marshall University: SJHS offers over 40 hours of dual credit courses. These courses are available to junior and senior students to take as dual credit, which means they receive college credit through Marshall University at the same time they are receiving high school credit. The options are listed below (in bold) under “Courses and Graduation Requirements.”

Courses and Graduation Requirements:

28 Credits are needed for graduation:

Language Arts (minimum of 5 credits)

  • REQ English 101
  • REQ English 202
  • REQ English 303 or Honors English 303
  • REQ English 404 or Honors English 404 – ENG 101/201 – 6 hours dual credit
  • REQ Speech/Public Speaking OR CMM 103/213 – 6 hours dual credit 

Social Studies (minimum of 4 credits)

  • REQ History 9
  • REQ History 10
  • REQ History 11 OR HST 230/231 – 6 hours dual credit
  • REQ History 12 OR HST 102/103 – 6 hours dual credit
  • AP Government
  • AP Human Geography

Science (minimum of 4 credits)

  • REQ Physical Science
  • REQ Biology or AP Biology 
  • REQ Chemistry or Honors Chemistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics (Pre-requisite:  Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus)
  • Astronomy
  • Honors Engineering
  • Forensics

Theology (minimum of 4 credits)

  • REQ Theology A
  • REQ Theology B
  • REQ Theology C
  • REQ Theology D

Mathematics (minimum of 4 credits – 4 years)   Click here for our  Math Department Information (27 downloads)


If a student would like to take both Geometry and Algebra II in a single school year, he or she must have earned an A in Algebra I, pass a written entrance exam, and have a written recommendation from his or her Algebra I teacher.  See below: Letter to Parents (109 downloads) Teacher Recommendation Form (109 downloads) Math Entrance Exam Study Guide (144 downloads)

  • REQ Algebra I
  • REQ Geometry (Pre-requisite: Algebra I)
  • REQ Algebra II (Pre-requisite: Algebra I and Geometry)
  • Advanced Algebra II (Pre-requisite: Algebra I and Geometry)
  • Financial Algebra
  • Advanced Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus (Pre-requisite: Algebra II) – MTH 122 –  3 hours dual credit
  • Concepts & Applications  (Pre-requisite: Algebra II) – MTH 121B – 4 hours dual credit
  • College Algebra/Introductory Statistics(Pre-requisite: Algebra II) – MTH 127/STA 225 – 8 hours dual credit
  • AP Calculus
    • AP Calculus AB (Pre-requisite: Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus)
    • AP Calculus BC(Pre-requisite: AP Calculus AB)

Foreign Language (minimum of 3 credits) Click here for our  Spanish Course Sequencing (487 downloads) .

  • French I
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish III
  • Honors Spanish IV
  • AP Spanish: Language and Culture

Foreign Language (minimum of 3 credits) Click here for our  Spanish Course Sequencing (487 downloads) .

  • French I
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish III
  • Honors Spanish IV
  • AP Spanish: Language and Culture

Fine Arts (minimum of 1 credit)

  • General Art
  • Band/Choral
  • AP Art & Design

Technology (minimum of 1 credit)

  • REQ Computer Science

General Electives

  • Economics 
  • Intro to Theatre
  • Mythology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • VEX Robotics