Counselor’s Corner

  • MU ACT Prep Courses:  Marshall University is offers ACT Prep Courses.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis!  The cost for each session is $250.  Call Susie at the MU Help Program to register or for more information at (304) 696-6473.
  • HOBY Leadership Seminar:  Every year over 9,000 deserving sophomore students from across the country are chosen to participate in the HOBY Leadership Seminar.
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center wants 10th and 11th grade students that are interested in healthcare to attend their Health Professions Academy.  Dates and deadline TBA.  See Mrs. Appell for registration and for more information.
  • S.C.O.R.E.S. is an academic festival at Marshall University. We encourage all students to participate in the S.C.O.R.E.S. program each spring.  Students compete in a variety of areas, including photography, poetry, Spanish, mythology, nursing, psychology, algebra, history and many more.
  • Governor’s Honors Academy is for juniors only.  This is a 3-week camp in which you attend classes, travel and meet people from all over the state.  Interested students must submit applications which are reviewed by a committee that selects attendees to represent Cabell County.
  • FAFSA for Seniors:  Everyone must complete this application or you will not receive any money from any source (Includes Promise or any other scholarship).  Deadlines TBA – WV, OH, KY all have different deadlines.  For more information visit www.fafsa.ed.govDO NOT PAY FOR COMPLETING THE FAFSA – IT IS A SCAM IF THEY TRY TO CHARGE YOU!

You may contact Mrs. Appell if you have any questions concering any of these items at (304) 525-5096 or