Kyle Vass

Title: Chinese, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Biography: Mr. Vass grew up in Huntington WV and graduated frmm Huntington High. He went on to study Spanish (B.A.) and Linguistics (M.A.) at West Virginia University while simultaneously learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In 2011, Mr. Vass embarked on a journey to live and travel the world while working as an English teacher. Some of the countries he's visited/lived in include Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. As he traveled through these countries, he taught himself the local languages. In 2019, he returned to his hometown to start a non-profit (Forward Roll), where he gets children, recovering addicts and first-responders involved in martial arts. In addition to teaching Chinese and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at St. Joseph High School, Mr. Vass is the host and producer of a podcast (Comeback) that focuses on the journey of those who have had success with drug addiction recovery.