Bryce Parker, Class of 2016, helps in fight against COVID19

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We are so proud of Bryce Parker, SJHS Class of 2016!!! 🍀❤️

With his dual credit hours from St. Joe High School, Bryce was able to graduate with his BSPH from Indiana University in three years. He will finish his first year of graduate school next month! Keep up the excellent work, Bryce Parker!!

“Bryce Parker, BSPH’19

Baritone player and Marching Hundred alumnus Bryce Parker, BSPH’19, is currently studying at Indiana University towards a Master of Public Health in epidemiology. Like all Indiana University students, Bryce is finishing out this academic year by taking classes remotely through Zoom meetings, Canvas discussion boards, and phone calls. Bryce is currently volunteering as an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Cabell-Huntington Health Department in Huntington, WV, to assist in the COVID-19 global pandemic and working at the IU Substance Use Intervention Services.

Volunteering as an infectious disease epidemiologist is shaping Bryce’s future path, not so much in what he wants to do but where he wants to do it. He hopes to attend medical school and work in his home state of West Virginia. This feeling of going back is more so than before because of the influence of this volunteer work. The main takeaway Bryce has from this volunteer experience is knowing that he helped play a part in the response to this global pandemic. As part of a team of regional and local epidemiologists, Bryce helped develop a surveillance/monitoring system to track all individuals that have been tested within Cabell County, WV. They are looking to apply the tools he made to at least 7 other counties to assist in their tracking of their tested individuals to work alongside systems that are already in place. He acknowledges that many of his graduate school classmates are also lending their knowledge to help their local communities and is grateful for everyone who is stepping into these roles when they did not have to help.

Take it from an infectious disease epidemiologist and Marching Hundred alumnus, “The [Novel Corona]virus is bad, and we must work to protect the most vulnerable. Finally, the best thing the general public can do to help health officials is to stay inside.”

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