Annual Fund Campaign

October 2016

Dear Friends,

Being principal of St. Joseph Central Catholic High School has been a real learning experience for me over the past 11 years.  After spending 35 years in public schools, mostly at Huntington High, I have come to really appreciate the family atmosphere at St. Joseph’s as well as its supportive community.  I am truly amazed that through the donations, gifts and support from our Diocese, parishes and pastors, we are able to keep our school open.  You are the reason for this.

With this being said, we solely rely on tuition income, fundraising and donations to operate our school.  We cannot order what we need from a county system.  We have to seek donations when something comes up outside of our usual needs, such as replacing our leaking roof and upgrading our aging classrooms.

I receive the same mailings at my home that enclose a nickel or a dime to make me feel that I need to respond.  We don’t have a coin to send you or even a blanket or a plaque to thank you for your donation.  What I can tell you is that we guard every donation like it is a treasure.

It is not the dollar amount that matters – it matters that you send us what you can afford.  I can tell you that your support makes an impact.  What other school can say it had 44 graduates in 2016 that were offered over $5.3 million in college scholarships?

I ask that you consider donating to our 2016-17 Annual Fund Campaign.  St. Joseph Central Catholic High School is your school.  Please help us continue our traditions for generations to come.

If you ever have any ideas or comments, please give us a call.


William J. Archer, Principal