Outdoor Recreation Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Bryant

2016-17 Officers:

President – L. Bates

Vice President – J. Hankins

Secretary – M. Maack

Treasurer – N. Hugh

Communications – J. Tolliver

Chaplain (Lay) – P. Huron


The purpose of the Outdoor Recreation Club is to engage students in adventurous outdoor activities.  In a typical year, we will participate in whitewater rafting, zip lines, canoeing, hiking, camping, skiing, and rock climbing/rappelling.  The purpose of these activities is to help students gain a greater appreciation of the outdoors, build self esteem, and learn to develop positive hobbies.  Students in the Outdoor Recreation Club meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each at lunch to plan and prepare for upcoming activities.  Parents and siblings are always invited to attend our various trips throughout the year.