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OSD Policy

The winter and spring months of the year bring school closings and make-up days that have proven disruptive to the school calendar and instructional programs for students. Unscheduled closings compromise the quality of the learning process that we carefully and deliberately plan and prepare for our students. Make-up days impact school-sponsored and personal activities, including … Continue reading OSD Policy

Rotary Club Students of the Month

Congratulations to our Rotary Students of the Month, seniors, Samantha M. and Charlie W. pictured with Rotary Club Board President Chris Anderson.  Charlie W. pictures with his parents following the luncheon. Belinda Chapman, Advancement Director, and Karen Appell, Guidance Counselor, spoke on the programs of St. Joseph Central Catholic High School at the luncheon.

REMINDER – Service hours are due prior to taking exams!

IMPORTANT – If students do not have 9 service hours by December 12th for the current school year they will not be allowed to take their exams beginning on December 19th. There are multiple opportunities through the school year posted on our website –; however, you can also participate in other activities outside of … Continue reading REMINDER – Service hours are due prior to taking exams!