Algebra I

 ISBN# 9780030358272


Geometry ISBN# 9780133500417

Analytical Math

Analytical MathISBN# 9780321693815

Algebra II

AlgebraIIISBN# 9780030358296 and TI-84 Calculator

College Algebra/College Trigonometry

Homework is to be completed online.  Classwork may be completed on personal tablet/laptop and is highly suggested, but not required.

College AlgebraISBN# 9780321640314 and TI-84 Calculator

College TrigISBN# 9780321923486 (NEW FOR 2016-17)


PreCalcISBN# 9780547219929 and TI-84 Calculator

AP Calculus AB and BC

AP CalcISBN# 9780547212906 and TI-84 Calculator

Summer 2016 AP Calculus Work – AP Calculus AB Summer Packet 2016 - 118 downloads AP Calculus BC Summer Packet 2016 - 113 downloads