OSD Policy

The winter and spring months of the year bring school closings and make-up
days that have proven disruptive to the school calendar and instructional
programs for students. Unscheduled closings compromise the quality of the
learning process that we carefully and deliberately plan and prepare for our
students. Make-up days impact school-sponsored and personal activities,
including planned vacations, faculty professional development programs,
graduation, etc.

To maintain consistency in our curriculum and eliminate the need to extend
school into the summer or cancel holidays or programs that are currently
scheduled, we have implemented an Online School Day (OSD) program. An
OSD will count as a full school day, one of the 180 required by the State of
West Virginia.

This program is intended to provide meaningful learning experiences for SJHS
students. Parents and students are encouraged to integrate the following
strategies into their OSD academic time:

  • Start early in the day.
  • Establish a quiet learning space and remove distractions to learning.
  • Review the work that needs to be completed.
  • Set goals for completing the work on time.
  • Create a routine.
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