WV Governors School of Entrepreneurship

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This summer on West Virginia University’s Morgantown campus, you will have the opportunity to become one!  Enterprising state high school students can apply for a summer stint at theGovernor’s School of Entrepreneurship, which begins July 5.

The 21-day residential summer program will provide educational experience to 60 high school students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years.  Young entrepreneurs will learn about the commitment for developing a startup company and sustaining it through sound business practices.

The three weeks will include workshops, activities, recreation, and a competition at the end of the program in which the “Young E’s” will develop, pitch and actually launch a new business venture. There will also be the opportunity to earn three hours of college credit.

Applicants will submit an application as well as a 60-second YouTube “pitch” selling themselves as candidates. The application is in three parts: an online segment, a paper application, and the video. Directions are on the website.

Important Dates:

March 5th – Applications available online

April 1st – Ask your counselor for a transcript

April 25th – All parts of application due (deadline extended)

May 1st – Notification letters mailed

July 5th – Let the fun begin!

GSE, along with the other three Governor’s Schools, is provided at no cost to the students or their families. It is funded through the Legislature as requested in the Governor’s Budget, and it is overseen by the Office of the Secretary of Education and the Arts, Gayle C. Manchin, Cabinet Secretary.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Julia E. Bolt
Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship